Pest Control in Broward County

pest control in broward countyPest control companies in Broward County, FL, can be hard to find. Our goal at Caught’em Critters is to provide Broward County homeowners with a pest control solution that does more than just address an immediate problem. We learn about our clients’ unique needs and are able to provide customized treatment plans that are both effective and cost-effective; below are the services we offer.

Termite Fumigation

Termite fumigation is the process of exterminating termites through a highly poisonous gas. The process is used on a variety of pests and insects, but it’s most popularly used to exterminate termites. The gas is administered through the soil, which allows it to make its way into the underground tunnels that the termites use to get around.

The termites will then ingest the poison and transport it back to their colony, killing off the entire population. Termite fumigation takes place in two stages: preparation and treatment. Both are important in order to ensure successful extermination.

Cockroach Fumigation

Cockroach fumigation is an effective method to kill cockroaches by placing them under a tent and filling it with a gas that kills these insects. This method is especially useful for large homes or office buildings where roaches are widespread. The gas penetrates all crevices within the building and kills the cockroaches inside.

Cockroaches thrive in warm climates such as South Florida, but they can survive even colder temperatures if they have access to food and water, and that is why you should contact pest control in Broward County. In order for fumigation to work, there must be no food or water sources available for at least two weeks prior to treatment – otherwise, you risk starving out the cockroaches and not killing them with the fumigation.

Bedbug Fumigation

Bedbug Fumigation is the process of sealing a room or building in a tent and injecting fumigant gas into the air inside the building; by this method, one can get rid of bedbugs that often dwell in the crevices, cracks, and small spaces. It’s an effective way to get rid of bedbugs, but also it can be dangerous if not done correctly. Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. It’s usually found in mattresses, bed frames, and other furniture. Once they enter your home, they can be difficult to exterminate.

In order to eliminate bedbugs, it is necessary to treat the entire home or area where the infestation has been found. This means that you will have to seal off all rooms from the outside air and put fumigants inside. The gas kills all insects, including their eggs and larvae, within the sealed areas. It’s an effective way to get rid of bedbugs, but also it can be dangerous if not done correctly. In addition, there are some important things you should know about this method before you decide if it’s right for you.

Bee & Hive Removal

If you have a problem with bees, it’s important to know whether they are honey bees, bumblebees, or yellow jackets. Bumblebees rarely sting unless threatened, but honeybees and yellow jackets will sting if they feel threatened. Honey bees will not only sting you but also die after stinging you. While yellow jackets will stay alive and be able to sting you multiple times. It’s important to know where the nest is located so we can properly remove it without harming anyone. If you find yourself up against a beehive or nest, contact us so we can take care of your bee problem before anyone gets stung.

If you live in Broward County and are looking for the best pest control in Florida, look no further than Caught’em Critters. We are experienced and can get rid of any problem you have in your home or business.

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